Understanding Casino Bonuses

High Roller Casino Bonuses

All online casinos aspire to attract high rollers to the casino as the more a bettor wagers, the more the casino makes. Not all casinos vigorously chase the high roller gamblers, but a number indulge them in particular. Firstly, these casinos will present a high roller casino bonus which is a bonus that is adjusted to the high roller players primarily. These are typically smaller percentage casino bonuses that present higher totals, for example a 50% bonus up to $500. You can expect to have to deposit around $1,000 to be eligible for the high roller casino bonus.

Loyalty Casino Bonuses

Online casinos like to give gifts to their loyal players for gambling at the casino. This is done through a loyalty or VIP program. The loyalty programs typically present several ranks that the customer can go up in line with their intensity of involvement. At every single position, the devoted clients will be eligible for certain casino bonus and payback and the higher you go up in the program the bigger your bonuses and benefits will be. Examples of selected sorts of loyalty bonuses include loyalty welcome casino bonuses, anniversary casino bonus, birthday bonuses, reload casino bonuses or exclusive loyalty bonuses.

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

One of the best modes for an online casino to find new members is by personal experience. It can be difficult to come across an online casino to bet at and relying on an associate’s particular experience is a treasured mode of discovering an honest casino. Online casinos understand this and they impel you to invite your friends to play at the casino by offering casino bonuses for doing so. These are typically a fixed casino bonus amount of approximately $25 to $50 and they are paid to you when your contact transfers their opening deposit into their new casino account. In some cases, the associate is also awarded a fixed bonus.

Alternative Payment Method Bonus Promotions

Also known as preferred payment method casino bonuses, these bonuses are provided when you make a deposit using a transfer process that is preferred by the casino. Online casinos may have motives for preferring you to provide a deposit making use of a particular transfer method and they offer incentives for doing so. This casino bonus is typically a portion of the amount that you credit and they normally range from 5% to 15%.

Reload Casino Bonus

A reload casino bonus is a bonus that is presented to any player at the casino. It is almost the same as a welcome bonus, but is not only offered to new players. The reload casino bonuses are percentage of the total that you deposited into your account. These may be presented permanently or they may be particular to set times or occasions, such as the initial deposit of the month or for the duration of a special period.

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